What are the ways in which new technologies are disrupting existing industries?

Technology will continue to disrupt the future of industry and the future of work for years to come, no matter how you slice it. Despite these advancements, even traditionally strong industries are starting to buckle under the pressure of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Technology mergers are not inherently bad. However, unforeseen byproducts could emerge … Read more

How to get Free VPS Hosting Forever: Sites that Provide Free VPS no Credit Card


In my research, I discovered that there are some pretty sites that provide free VPS Hosting forever without a credit card. On the safer side of the internet World today, hosting as VPS happen to be the best safer hand while hosting your sites per experience. Most of the big sites you discover today hosted … Read more

How to Print National Identification Number (NIN) Android App to Print NIN

The National Identification Management Commission had stated that they had released an Android application that you can use to print your NIN without having to wait for your plastic NIN. For those that missed our recent post on NIN trending news going on in Nigeria then, I encourage you to go here and learn about … Read more